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Rhea was always comfortable in her career, less so in love.

Liz could never hold down a job, but relationships kept her otherwise occupied until she met one person out of eight million in NYC. 

After discovering that Liz could talk to her Guides and do a bunch of other spiritual stuff, Rhea couldn’t wait to find out the answers to some of her burning questions.

Liz happily obliged because after 18 years of marriage, 12 moves over 4 continents, 8 published novels (under the pen name Vivian Winslow) and a spiritual advisory practice in cities like Hong Kong, Los Angeles and São Paulo, she’s learned a thing or two about love, sex, happiness and developing a relationship with yourself along the way.

With Liz’s help (and a little bit of courage), Rhea started to change her reality. Now together, they want to help you do the same.